Operator search

Annordia leads the selection of operators for existing and planned hotels across the Nordic region, coordinating the entire process, from feasibility analysis to negotiation and contract signing. Hotel operating leases tend to be long-term, which makes it vital to find a suitable operator in terms of strategy, expertise and financial strength.

Our extensive contact network gives us access to a diverse selection of potential operators. We are often able to present exciting concepts and brands that are new to the typical property owner, especially when it comes to international operators. In most cases, we are able to select from a pool of strong candidates. This makes the process more competitive and has a positive effect on rents and contract terms and conditions.

Hotel operator contracts are non-standardised, which makes them significantly more complex than office and retail equivalents. There are numerous pitfalls and operators often hold an information advantage over the property owner. Our involvement creates a more even playing field. We have prepared numerous contracts and are always updated on recent lease agreements and current market rents.