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Privacy policy

Annordia AB, corporate identity number 556427-6037, controls your personal data and undertakes to manage such data securely and in compliance with relevant data protection laws. This privacy policy contains information about the personal data we may collect and how it may be used.

Personal data

Examples of personal data that Annordia may collect and process include name, title, employer, photograph, email address, mailing address and personal identity number.


We use personal data to execute contracts entered into between you and Annordia or to take actions to facilitate such contracts being executed. We also use personal data to market Annordia products and to provide information about our services and business activities. Annordia may also use your personal data for recruitment purposes and in compliance with legal or regulatory requirements.

Data storage

Annordia will store your personal data during the term of any contracts entered into between you and Annordia. Annordia will also store your personal data for any subsequent period in which it is necessary to fulfil all contractual undertakings between you and Annordia. Personal data relating to marketing and recruitment is stored for five and two years respectively after the last date of contact with you, except in cases where you request that such data be deleted. Annordia will also store information about you as required by law, and for the duration that the law requires.

Your privacy rights

You may at any time ask us to disclose what data we have collected about you, regardless of how that data was collected. In such cases, you need to send us a signed request containing your full name and personal identity number. Any personal data that we keep on you will be sent to you at your registered address. You may also at any time withdraw your consent for us to collect and store your data. If your data has been used in contravention of the Personal Records Act you are entitled to request that such data be corrected, blocked or deleted.

How to contact us

Send your signed request to:
Annordia AB
Norrlandsgatan 7
111 43 Stockholm

Please address questions on Annordia’s personal data policy and practices to:
Rickard Petersson
+46 709241326


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