Free advice for contractual parties who are severely affected by Covid-19

Annordia wants to help secure long-term values ​​in the hotel industry and therefore offers advice on the management of lease-related issues associated with Covid-19.

Annordia is one of the Nordic region’s leading consultancy firms for investment in and development of hotel properties, of which one area of ​​expertise is advice on lease agreements and lease-related issues

Under normal market and business conditions a contractual discussion or negotiation can be challenging as such. With the uncertainty that arises as a result of Covid-19, where companies are struggling for their survival, discussions about managing current lease agreements and contractual obligations can be even more challenging.

Annordia therefore offers to be a conversation partner to find solutions to the difficulties many experience in managing their lease agreements for businesses that have essentially seen all their income disappear overnight.

We offer our initial time and expertise to your disposal free of charge for stakeholders who are severely exposed as a result of Covid-19. Welcome to contact us via email

We would like to contribute to creating temporary and reasonable solutions during the crisis, with the aim of securing long term values ​​for both parties. Collaboration can be just what can take the parties through the crisis and come out stronger when everyday life and the market returns to a more normal situation. The goal should be a long-term win-win helped by temporary solutions based on each property owner and tenant’s situation and opportunities.

Annordia reserves the right to refuse questions which may lead to conflicts of interest, breach of competition legislature or clauses, or the like.