Hotel Market Update Jan/24

The statistics from this month show strong macroeconomic key figures. Especially the inflation rate, measured by the CPIF, which has declined to 2.3 percent, a mere 0.3 percental units from the inflation goal set by the Swedish central bank.

Moreover, the confidence indicators for both businesses and households registered an increase, and the Swedish Krona strengthened against both the Euro and the USD. Additionally, we are amidst the anticipated peak of the economic recession and approaching the predicted onset of the recovery.

However, the actual key figures from the hotel market show a negative outlook. 15 out of the 25 largest Swedish municipalities as well as Sweden at large have had a negative development of their number of sold rooms. Furthermore, 16 out of the 25 largest municipalities and Sweden have had a negative development in their occupancy rates.

Please download the market report here:
Hotel Market Update Annordia Jan/24.pdf