Hotel operator search for a new hotel in Gävle

Annordia is currently conducting an operator search for a new hotel on behalf of the property owner ProNordic. Hotell Bangården is planned to be built in central Gävle, within walking distance of the central train station.

According to the concept proposal, Hotell Bangården amounts to approximately 7,250 square meters and comprises a total of 221 rooms, of which 58 rooms with kitchenettes for long-term guests, as well as a combined reception and bar, and a large lounge and breakfast room with 150 seats. There is a substantial flexibility to customize the premises, ensuring they align optimally with the preferences and requirements of the prospective operator.

Gävle experiences high demand for hotel rooms due to its hospitality industry and thriving business sector. The city has a rich history in the wood industry, and the establishment of leading, international IT companies has contributed to its growth. With a strategic location by the Baltic Sea and well-developed port infrastructure, Gävle serves as a central hub for the region’s business activities.

If you are interested in this lease opportunity, please feel free to get in touch:
Hans Åke Petersson, CEO & Partner
+46 70 699 37 51