Hotel in Sundsvall

Annordia, on behalf of the client Castellum, conducted an establishment study in 2017 to investigate the market conditions for a new hotel in Sundsvall town hall. In addition to a comprehensive market analysis, the study also included the drafting of a concept proposal including functional local program and calculation of the proposed hotel’s lease ability over a ten-year period.

According to the concept proposal, the hotel has 152 double rooms, of which 44 in the town hall and 138 in a new house body occupied in Stadshusparken. The hotel’s recommended facilities include a restaurant, a combined lobby bar and café, four meeting rooms and a gym. In addition, the hotel includes the existing facilities in the town hall with some adjustments and additions. The total area of the hotel is according to the concept proposal to more than 7 500 square meters.

The new hotel is scheduled to open on January 1, 2020.