Telegrafberget in Nacka

A new hotel is planned at Telegrafberget in Nacka. The planned hotel is located right next to the water at Telegrafberget. Here an attractive residential area is being developed with 350 homes and magnificent views of Stockholm’s inlet.

In 2017, Annordia, on behalf of client HSB Bostad, conducted an establishment study for a new hotel at Telegrafberget. The initial market study was then followed up with a full-scale establishment study involving conceptualization and rental assessment. The draft proposal was developed in collaboration with HSB Bostad and Ahlqvist & Almqvist Architects and comprises 99 rooms, 8 meeting rooms, restaurant and bar and a unique spa in an adjacent mountain room. According to the proposal, the hotel has a total area of approximately 4 400 square meters.

Annordia has also been commissioned by HSB Bostad to recruit an operator to the hotel, a process which currently has started.